adam I am a systems engineer at Raytheon, a US defense contractor, where I work with both radar and lidar remote sensing systems, with a focus on modeling and algorithm development.

I completed my PhD  in astrophysics in 2017 – my thesis work involved creating algorithms to  improve how the 3D shapes of asteroids are reconstructed from radar data. This work also involved orbit determination using both optical and radar astrometry.

In graduate school, my side projects included supernova localization from neutrino timing data, analysis of planetary defense and mitigation techniques, SETI-related signal processing, and analysis of high-pressure materials X-ray diffraction data.

I am experienced with numerical modeling, as well as optimizing both linear and non-linear systems.

For fun, I enjoy bouldering and cycling. I also love puzzles — if you know any good ones, please email them to me!

Contact: adam (at) greenhodge (dot) net